Thank you. These words are simple ones. When they are meant, they mean everything. When my family arrived in this program it was Christmas Eve. I was working 12 hour shifts and tired in every sense of the word. We walked in and were immediately welcomed like we belonged there, my kids were given gifts and Christmas was really Christmas for them. Thank you!

My daughter’s birthday was while we were with LIHN and she received her own little party and she felt so special! Thank you. For the time you spent, the food you cooked and the jokes you told. Leaving this program is a bitter sweet day. Sweet because we reached our goals-a better job, my child is in a better school and we have a new home! Bitter because we leave behind some truly wonderful people we met during our journey. Just know all the times you just sit and listen, share a smile, dry tears and hug kids means the world and makes a difference.

Thank You.


Let me begin by saying that each and every volunteer and/or employee in this organization has truly been an inspiration. They have each been some of the most sincere people I have encountered in my life. Thank you for everything that you all have done for me and my children. When I first came here I was upset and uncomfortable but everyone here helped to change that real soon. Again thank you, and that I truly mean that from my heart. I pray that this program will continue and grow and help others as it has my family.


First off I would like to say thank you and God bless everyone who is related with LIHN. I couldn’t say enough. This has been a big experience for me and through it all I have learned so much from learning to maintain and provide better for me and my family.

This has not been a smooth ride for me, but I can’t say it has been bumpy either. . . The people here at LIHN are here to help you and do not look down on you. I felt so comfortable after days of being here. I felt at home.

It has been a struggle through it all and I made it. And I am so proud of myself and I am very thankful for LIHN and the volunteers. And I will not forget this place.

Thanks to all the churches. I will miss this place, but I am glad I have moved on.

Thank you all again and may God bless you all!


Well, where do I start? How about at the end of my family’s old life. The reason I say “old life” is now everything seems so new, because of you!

We were running into dead end after dead end . . . nothing seemed to work out for us. The more we tried to stand firm, the more and more every rug was jerked from beneath our feet. I could no longer carry the responsibilities of providing for the needs of my family. No food for my children, nowhere for them to sleep, no gas for our car.

I didn’t feel like a father, a husband, or even a man.

God directed us to you. I literally cannot imagine what we would be doing if you all had not been here.

I can now only vaguely recall the desperation I once felt because of the hope LIHN has given me.

Thank you.